About Password Chameleon

Password Chameleon provides a different, unique password for every website you use.

The password problem

We all use a large number of websites every day. Many of these sites allow you to sign in using your email address and a password.

You should have a unique, secure password for every website, but remembering a different password for every site is almost impossible. Surveys show that most of us use the same obvious password each time we log in to an online account.

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Password Chameleon to the rescue!

Password Chameleon provides a unique, secure password for every website that you use.

You do not need to remember or write down these passwords because you can get them from Password Chameleon at any time.

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How to use Password Chameleon

Enter your secret password and the name of the website, and Password Chameleon will give you the password to use for that website.

You can then simply copy-and-paste the password into the site.

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Ten reasons to start today

Still not convinced? Here are ten great reasons to start using Password Chameleon today.

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Getting started

New to Password Chameleon? Here are some tips for choosing your secret password, updating your accounts and staying safe online.

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How Password Chameleon works

Password Chameleon uses encryption to generate unique, secure passwords without sending information over the internet.

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What it costs

Password Chameleon is free - but what does that mean, and how do we pay for it?

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The large print

You use Password Chameleon at your own risk. Please read this page to find out more.

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