Password Chameleon to the rescue!

Password Chameleon provides a unique, secure password for every website you use. You only have to remember one password (your secret password), can you can then be confident that all your website logins are very secure.

How it does it

Password Chameleon generates your password by mashing together your secret password and the name of the website.

Every time you enter your secret password and a web address, Password Chameleon generates the same password.

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Online security

Here are the ways that Password Chameleon protects you online:

Your passwords are secure. They are long and always contain numbers, letters and punctuation, so they are very hard to break.

Your passwords are unique. You have a different password for every website, so if one password is discovered your other accounts remain secure.

You don’t need to write your passwords down. You can get them from Password Chameleon at any time, so you don't need to keep a record of them.

Password Chameleon doesn’t save your passwords. Passwords are generated every time you need them, so there is nothing stored anywhere.

Nothing is sent over the internet

Nothing you enter is sent over the internet. Your secret password, your generated passwords, even the names of the sites you access: these don’t go any further than your computer.

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