Ten reasons to start today

Not sure if Password Chameleon is for you? Here are ten reasons to start today.

1. Secure passwords

Passwords generated by Password Chameleon are harder to crack than a macadamia nut.

2. A different password for every site

Because always using the same password is like giving everyone a key to your house.

3. No need to write passwords down

You only need to remember your secret password.

4. Easy to use

All you do is type in your secret password and address of the site. Even your granny can do that.

5. Fast

Your passwords are available faster than you can say "Pa-Pa Pa-Pa Password Chameleon".

6. Free

Put away your credit card. Password Chameleon is free, and always will be (but you do have to pay for some of the apps).

7. Always available

The Password Chameleon never sleeps, so you can tickle him day or night.

8. Passwords are never saved or sent over the internet

So there's no risk of someone finding them down the back of our server cupboard.

9. We've got apps to make life easy

Our apps make passwords easy on your computer or your phone.

10. It's made by nice people

We made this to help make the internet a safer place. Why not say hello?

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