Getting Started

New to Password Chameleon? Let's help you get started.

Your secret password

You need a secret password to generate all your other passwords on Password Chameleon. You can choose anything you want as your secret password.

Your secret password is really important. If you forget it, you can't access any of your other passwords, and if someone else finds it out then they can access all your passwords.

Choose something memorable, and obey the rules for strong passwords.

The site address

You need to shorten the site address: take off the first part of the address and ignore anything after ".com" (or "" or ".org").

Here are some examples:

Full site address Site address for Password Chameleon!/login/

Note that the Password Chameleon apps shorten the site address for you automatically.

Updating existing accounts

You need to change your password on the sites you already use. On most sites you can do this after you log in, from the "my account" page.

Sensible precautions

Make a note of your secret password somewhere really safe, in case of emergency.

Consider downloading one of the Password Chameleon apps, in case you need a password when you cannot access the internet.

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